Fresh orange slices

Give your employees the gift that keeps on giving.

Capitol Vending and Coffee offers pantry service in Austin, San Antonio, and more.

Pantry service is a great way to show your employees that you value their hard work. So what exactly is pantry service? Also known as free vending, this is a system where the employer pays for 100% of the cost for office snacks, drinks, and food. This allows employees to come into the break room and take whatever it is they need in order to provide consistent energy throughout the busy workday. You can also help to strengthen employee wellness initiatives by choosing to stock your pantry with healthier food and drink choices.

Pantry Services are tailored to meet your needs. Daily restocking, space planning and customized equipment are some of the ways we provide the best customer service experience.

You’ll enjoy the many benefits of our Austin pantry services.

By offering free drinks and snacks in the workplace, your employees will be more likely to stay in the office, getting more done and feeling more productive at the end of a busy workweek.

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Display of fresh fruit
Fresh Fruit
Bowl of cereal with blueberries and rapsberries
High Brew coffee selection
Healthy Clif Bar snacks
Healthy Snacks
Selection of chips
Yogurt and other refrigerated snacks
Refrigerated Snacks
Organic and natural jerky
Natural Jerky
Water and flavored beverages
Flavored Water
Energy and sports drinks
Energy Drinks
Sweet Leaf delicious tea
Pepsi and Coke beverage products
Pepsi Products
Mixed snacks and bulk nuts
Bulk Snacks

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