Coffee beans in a grinding machine

Professional equipment, delicious taste, and all the classic flavor combinations you’ll love.

Choose Capitol Vending and Coffee as your Austin Office Coffee provider.

In the modern workplace culture, it’s almost a necessity to give your employees access to coffee on site. What’s the best way to do that? By offering professional coffee brewing equipment capable of providing the perfect cup every time. Our coffee brewers allow each person to choose their favorite flavors in order to achieve a truly personalized cup of gourmet coffee within minutes. We are an authorized distributor for Starbucks, Flavia, and Keurig, making it easy to get the brands and specific flavors you love. Call Capitol Vending and Coffee today to create your unique office coffee service in Austin and beyond.

Do you have any favorite local roasters you’d like to include in your office coffee service? That’s not a problem. Capitol Vending and Coffee is proud to source coffees from a variety of Austin coffee companies, in addition to nationwide brands.

Choose from local favorites like Austin Java, Progress Coffee, Cuvee, Texas Coffee Traders, and more.

Give your workforce the ultimate coffee convenience.

We offer professional office coffee equipment and services to suit your workplace needs.

Traditional Equipment

Our professional coffee equipment allows you to brew the perfect gourmet coffee in minutes.

Single Cup Brewers

Just looking for a single, personalized cup? That’s not a problem for our single-cup brewers.

Commercial Equipment

We offer three burner brewers, carafes, airpots, and more to satisfy all of your coffee needs.

Local Coffees

Choose from a variety of local coffees and roasters to obtain the flavors you know and love.

Authorized Distributor

Capitol Vending and Coffee is an authorized distributor for Keurig, Flavia, and Starbucks coffee equipment and flavors.

One Stop Shop

Capitol Vending is your go-to provider for all things coffee-related, no matter what.

Water Filtration

We can install in-line water filtration units to ensure a consistently delicious cup of coffee.


Don’t worry about napkins, cups, lids, stir sticks, etc. - we cover all of that for you.

Individualized Selections

Choose a personalized coffee lineup that includes all of your favorite coffees and flavors.

We have coffee brewing equipment to serve any and all of your Austin office coffee needs.

Bean to cup brewer
Bean to Cup Brewer
Flavia coffee brewer
Keurig single cup machine
Single Cup
Air pot coffee machine
Air Pot
Coffee grinder
Coffee Grinder
Traditional office coffee brewer
Coffee accessories
Commercial coffee brewers and equipment

Are you ready to make your break room a destination? Satisfy your employees with our office coffee service in Austin, San Antonio, and beyond. Call today at (512) 472-7462 or email us at .

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