Bowl of healthy and fresh fruit

Show your employees that their well-being is important to you.

Our healthy vending machines can kick-start your healthy workplace goals.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to introduce healthier snacks to your workplace. It starts with something small, like including healthy snacks or drink alternatives in your vending machines. Eventually, your employees start gravitating more and more to new and exciting healthy options. And that’s when the magic happens. Employees who eat better also report increased well-being, higher job satisfaction, and more productivity around the workplace. And it all started someplace small, right in your breakroom with your healthy vending machines.

When you allow Capitol Vending and Coffee to install healthy vending machines in your Austin workplace, you’re allowing us to help your company thrive. And the great thing is that it won’t cost you any extra money, because we’re just switching out your old vending items with better-for-you, more nutritious options. Employees can still choose from their favorite traditional vending snacks, with the addition of healthy brands like Kind, Izze, Oven Baked chips, Sweet Leaf tea, and more.

Nutritious, delicious, and just plain better for you.

Send your healthy message today by installing healthy vending machines in your Austin breakroom.

Jasmine & green teas
Fresh and natural juices
Sparkling water
Sparkling Water
Cold brew coffee in Austin
Cold Brew Coffee
Healthy frozen meals
Healthy Meals
Variety of healthy chips and snacks
Protein bars
Protein Bars
Quick snack bars on-the-go
Snack Bars
Gluten free pretzels
Gluten Free
Natural fruit snacks
Fruit Snacks
Greek, coconut, and dairy yogurt
Fruit infused water for a healthy beverage
Fruit Infused Water

Make the healthy choice the easy choice. Let Capitol Vending and Coffee provide healthy vending machines for your workplace in Austin, San Antonio, and beyond. Call today at (512) 472-7462 or email us at

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